A spoonful of sugar (poem)

(I was doing so well with the posting. But yesterday, I ran out of steam. The next few days will be challenging due to travel et al. But here’s a poem I found on my phone. I’m pretty sure I wrote it.)

A spoonful of sugar

The best lesson is:
We are all ephemera
The snap of our fingers
Is no less permanent than a timeless love
Or the strongest star.

All things in our regard
Whether dear or dross
Are fashioned with no more constant purpose than loss

Each breath destroys all that came before
And all futures too
A monument to a noble deed
Is dust, as dust as forgotten memory.

Our fastened fading wilting hearts
Know this, and lie for our sake
We do not believe what we know most to be true
We forego the bitter joy of truth
We embrace an unsatisfactory confusion.

Most of us learn this as we age
Ground down by our skeptical eyes
By illusions we walk through to find the gold
That never was anywhere.

Some are born thus
Most such leave quickly
Some laugh a little scary at the rest of us

We both know these things from our insubstantial bones to our stony skin.

With all this as firmly in mind as possible:
Would you like to come over for dinner and catch up?

29 March 2014