Bernard Williams on Scribd

I’m a Scribd subscriber, though slightly sad that they killed (had to kill, I warrant) their all you can eat audiobook thing for a (fairly stingy by comparison) credit based system. Ah well. Free/super cheap things are hard and they still have a ton of books and their book selection is getting better.

In fact, they have a pretty good selection of Williams! Which is good, because basically all I’ve ever read of his is the Utilitarianism paper, and my nosing around suggested that there might be some interesting tensions between that and other of his work. Now I can read a big chunk without having to work hard to find/purchase/take out it all. It’s sort of the future! (Only sort of because the Scribd app/website experience is pretty horrendous.)

Alas, they seem to have no Langer. Oh well.

(Blogging everyday is hard. Esp. as I don’t have lots of filler ready to go and I quickly can get into writing a piece that will take hours.)