Music Monday: Mechanical Toy Videos

The posting frenzy has been great! (Though everyday is a bit much. But I’ll try to stick to it for as long as I feasible can, pace travel.)

I like all the following songs (to various degrees), but what puts them together is the conceit of their videos, to wit, the performer is a homunculus in some sort of machine or other small display situation.

First up we have Sara Bareilles’ video for  “Love Song”:

I kinda wish the nickel was less fake looking!

The we have the far superior of the two videos for George Harrison’s “Got my mind set on you”:

Alas, the inner gear stuff isn’t nearly as cool as those in the Bareilles, and the Bareilles ones weren’t spectacular. Young Alexis Denisof is very very very young.

By far the best executed example is Ingrid Michelson’s “Maybe” Video:

Now, this isn’t quite a mechanical device, but shadow puppets, but it’s so freaking neat I can’t stand it. I like the song a lot but I’m a sucker for songs with modalities in them (Maybe in the future).

While we’re talking Sara Bareilles, her best video is for “Gonna get over you”:

(It’s also a great song.)

Ok, her hair is freaky, and if you watch too closely, the cuts after she touches someone so they can change into their outfits is a bit clumsy. HOWEVER, if you get sucked in, it’s a tremendous amount of fun! I love the dancers and their transformation from dour to delighted.