Music Monday: More Zoe!

My beloved, Zoe Mulford, has been on a mini tour in the US. The last two gigs were in the Philadelphia area and thus she was counter programming for the Pope!

From this was born a little banjo diddy about Her and the Pope:

(“-ope” words are just fun to say! I pointed out that she missed “mope”!)

At the beginning of the tour, she had a slew of performances at the Fox Valley Folk Festival in Geneva, IL. I went along to this and it was great fun (having awesome people hosting us in their cool digs didn’t hurt, but getting to see the sculptures in the All Chocolate Kitchen was a treat as well).

Among many other things, she did a sing along version of “Bold Riley”:

There’s a slew of versions and performances of Bold Riley and I notice that they tend to have some sort of accordion, e.g.,

Zoe plays the melodica, so that could be an interesting choice for a recording. Alternatively, a massive chorus sound a la Le Mystère des Voix Bulgares:

could be distinctive and effective.