Music Monday: Different Drum

(Yes, I missed last week. How sad. And how sad that these are the only posts I’m managing at all! I have a slew of academic freedom posts in the backlog but writer’s block is kicking my butt in a very serious way.)

I heard this song on the speakers at the Barnes & Noble on Rittenhouse Square. I half recognized it (dejavuesquely), but couldn’t place it, but thanks to the wonders of smartphones I tracked it down and listened obsessively to it for a week or three.

Without question, Ronstadt’s performance is outstanding (and overall it’s a really pretty arrangement). I had no idea that it was written by Mike Nesmith (of the Monkee’s fame). Here’s Mike singing a stripped down, country version:

It’s just nowhere near awesome, much less as awesome. It’s meaner and the narrator is less sympathetic as a man (at least for me).

(The version from the Monkee’s is pretty funny, though:


Ronstadt’s version (and my obsession thereof) inspired me to write a short story around it…but it’s not done so I won’t post it yet.