Music Monday: Sex with Ducks (and other Garfunkel and Oats)

Garfunkel and Oats have a TV show! Who knew? Kate Micucci (Oats) has had some high profile extended guest slots on popular sitcoms (i.e., Scrubs and the Big Bang Theory), but I had no idea that Garfunkel and Oats were big enough for a TV show. Good for them. Thus far, it’s ok. Very G&O and maybe that’s not the best thing.

The first song of theirs I encounters is still one of their best, “Sex With Ducks” which lampoons stupid bestiality arguments against gay marriage (isn’t that quaint?). The video is fun too:

Ducks, sex with ducks
We’ll do it in the rain
Ducks, yeah, ducks
Got those wet feet on my brain
We’ll find a pond, we’ll find a puddle
Put your beak in mine and we’ll cuddle
It’s a feeling I can’t name
When sex with ducks and gay marriage
Are one and the same

The chorus exhibits much of the G&O formula, though the bridge does so better:

Gonna goose that goose
Gonna quack that swan
Gonna rubber my duckie all night long
Gonna whack that Mallard
Until its feathers plume
Gonna Huey Dewey Louie all over the room
Scrooge McDuck, gonna give it to you
Dive into your gold until you say
DuckTales, whoo hoo

“Raunchy/transgressive word play” pretty much sums it up. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. Except when there is. Consider “Go Kart Racing (Accidentally Masturbating)”:

This is pretty funny but more so if you haven’t just heard a bunch of roughly similar stuff. Some of their stuff is perhaps pointlessly mean? (“Pregnant women are smug”) But that’s perhaps the point?

(I had a bunch more whining about some of the songs I don’t care for, but meh! I think the main point should be is that some people will like all of them and enough people will enough some of them. Go for it!)

And let us not forget the immensely clever “Fuck You”:

Because I like you, I like you, I like you, I like you
And like can lead to like like and like like can lead to love
As sure as the stars above, I’d really like to kiss you (Riki: fuck you)

It could have be a straight up cute little dopey love song (just always insert “Kiss you” at the end of the chorus). The mismatch is funny. The frankness of the desire is funny. But in the end it really is a cute little dopey love song about the awkwardness of falling in love.