2013 in review

Well, WordPress wanted to post something silly an annoying. But I highjacked it!

Not that I’m planning on writing much in this post!

So, some highlights:

  1. The three musketeers (Chiara, Samantha, and Rafael (dang! Raf spiffed up his page!) all successfully (with minor corrections) defended their theses and both Chiara and Samantha graduated per se. They all started together in 2009 and were co-supervised by Uli and me. This makes 5 new PhDs in toto for the UB team. Not bad! I do hope to write up summaries of their reseach in due course (yeah, ha).
  2. I got a sabbatical! This is what I’m doing right now. I can now claim to have resided in Swarthmore. I have not yet written a letter to the Swarthmorean.
  3. I got shingles! I am not doing that right now and, I hope, never again.
  4. The Publications were not wretched, though I still must up the journal endgame. I did a lot of empirical work and laid the groundwork for more.
  5. We got ORE on track. This was enabled by our empirical work. Big kudos to Samantha and Rafael.
  6. The WoDOOM and OWLED trains keep a rolling. Oy! I’ve some stuff to do!

These are all professional highlights. I’m not sure what personal highlights I have. It was sorta a meh year in that respect. Oh, well, except for the 30th anniversary of meeting Zoe and the 10th anniversary of marrying her for insurance purposes!

I do want a fire shooting unicorn.

Sabbatical update later today!