Sabbatical Report: Week 7 & 8

Oops. I let Week 7’s report slide and now we’re a day after the week 8 report is due.

Sorry! More illness gyrations and the whirlwind of exciting possibilities which need lots of nurturance has gotten in the way. I have read a couple of non-fiction books (brief reviews coming). My paper writing is far behind as is my paper reading. Haven’t programmed for a while. But I think it’s fair to say that grant proposals are on track if in a weird way 🙂

As I go into the last week of shingles meds (last dribblets of prednisone) I seem to be having more vertigo (completely knocked out on Thurs night, Fri, Sat). At least, it’s sub-spinning level, but I have had two falls, one on concrete. Not fun!

Thanks to a very kind person, Tahir Kahn, I did not feel compelled to drag myself to San Francisco to give my paper at CIKM. Given the low level crap I’ve been feeling, I’m just as glad.

I seem to have just enough energy and focus and clear head time to barely stay above water. Grr!