Sabbatical report: Week 4

The big news: I’m (finally) in the US. I even went into Siemens and used my office!

Of course, I’m not fully integrated yet. I’ve not solved the commute issue nor has my criminal background check (in the form of a DBS) been completed…or perhaps even initiated (if HR asks me, “What…are you working with kids?” ONE MORE TIME!!!). The last means I don’t have a badge or key thus am dependent on the kindness of strangers to let me in.

I also had some more duties covered thanks to our HoS (thanks Jim!). Teaching started and I’m not doing any of it. So I’m revved up. First task for today is working on the various SWAT4LS papers that the extended deadline after the deadline has put back on my plate. Next is to catch up on my reading plan. Third is to get my supervision schedule worked out. Oy! There’s a lot!

But today is the first active day of the sabbatical. Everything is possible!