Sabbatical report: Week 3

Eek! I’m still not out of country. Sigh.

Thus far, my sorry blogging has mostly been these reports. I have another part of the “can we believe a contradiction” series, but it got stuck.

I’ve started work on a journal paper for this month on hybrid OWL/Java modelling based on our old ISWC paper.

I started a nice free iBooks text on Statistics, but it’s going to take a while to get through! I got a bunch of programming texts to evaluate (mostly Python based).

This week, we have the SWAT4LS deadline, plus movers are coming and I have Drs and drug screening tests. I hope to fly to the US next weekend!

Today will be all about the packing.

Oh, I turned 44 in the past week. I think I’m nearly back to trendline, careerwise, given my little extended meltdown.

My paper reading is for crap! What’s up with that!