Sabbatical report: Week 2

I thought I’d just keep track on how things are going each week. Easy match for one of my sabbatical goals.

Things are moving sloooowly. To comfort myself, I’m treating Sept as a starter month. This is my third post, so yay. I’ve not succeeded at much else on the recurrent list (boo!). I’ve also not packed up my flat (yikes!). I don’t have a drug test scheduled yet, but at least I know that the one I have scheduled to have scheduled is ok!

My plan for the first journal paper is a paper on hybrid modelling, following up on the earlier papers. The core will be based on “Integrating Object-Oriented and Ontological Representations: A Case Study in Java and OWL“, but will be updated to incorporate Hobo. I’ll put in some more tutorial material as well. This is to salvage all the work I’ve been doing learning the ins and outs of Hobo as part of our knowledge transfer effort to Siemens. I also have open on the books a Laconic justifications paper, and the ORE report.

Oh, TIm Finin invited me to give a talk at UMBC which shall be my great pleasure. I just need to find a date…

I also found out that my CIKM talk is scheduled for Oct 29th, which means I can make it back in time for Halloween! I’ll be visiting Stanford the week before ISWC and CIKM is the week after, so being able to cut that a bit short is a boon.

Samantha submitted a very good application for the EPSRC Doctoral Prize to continue working on empirical investigations of reasoner performance. I’m gonna count that as a grant proposal! I did help quite a bit! Ok, maybe half of one.

One thing I forgot to put on the original post is that I’m going to put together a promotion case. Yay.