bin Laden’s death

My first reaction was pretty null, literally: I didn’t have much of a reaction. I found the people celebrating in the street a bit weird (esp. as the reports I read typically quoted college age students, for some reason). I certainly don’t think such a reaction was usually or particularly telling: People celebrate when an enemy is defeated or killed, or a blow has been struck against an enemy. People celebrated the 9/11 attacks not because they were moral monsters, but because they saw it as a blow against an enemy. Similarly, people celebrated bin Laden’s killing because he was an enemy and a surprisingly successful one. (People celebrated for all sorts of reasons, of course, including relief, a sense of justice, closure, etc.)

I found it weird because I didn’t feel much, one way or another. When I feel like that I tend to go a bit analytical, hence my query on LGM. I’m glad that bin Laden cannot further more harm. I also hope we can unwind some more of the harm he fomented. If this death brings some closure to people he helped kill, then that’s great.

And I really really wish we can get to a better overall situation.

These aren’t profound thoughts, they are just thoughts.