Daly, Racism, and Transphobia

January 8, 2010

I’ve read several, retrospectives, of Daly that remind me of her anti-trans stance and white privilege issues. It was certainly more important to mention them in my post on her death than the burning times issue.

A clear failing on my part. Sorry not to have been more on ball.

I strongly support transrights but tend to avoid confronting second wave transphobia (e.g., Janice Raymond et al…I had forgotten that Raymond was Daly’s student…which is pretty bad). Obviously, this is a privilege of mine and another clear failing.

(When I was reading Daly the race issues were fairly well dealt with, starting with Lourde).

Thus, ironically, the cogent responses to Daly’s death push me to revisit and change, I hope, for the better.


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