Does ReST explain the bowtie gross structure of the Web?

While trying to prepare for a pitch talk to people we hope to recruit to our MSc program, I came across some stuff about the gross structure of the Web.

It’s a bowtie!

[The caption:] The bow-tie macroscopic structure of the Webgraph[BKM00]: the core, the IN component, the OUT component and the dendrites. Each of these parts contains around one quarter of the pages, the disconnected part being reduced to less than 10% of the whole.

But I don’t see that ReST has anything to say about that. “Hyperlinks” maybe. Perhaps that’s unfair because ReST is about the dynamics of the Web? Perhaps ReST is micro and this is macro? (But ReST purports to explain the architectural blah blah principles that are sufficient for the Web, or maybe necessary, or maybe both. That it doesn’t predict structure makes it sorta weak, I think. The principles may even be true, in some sense, but they don’t really form a theory.)