A follow up to a follow up

One thing I’d like to point out is that doing well is harder than critiquing (at least, for me).

I generally have the sneaking suspicion (or raging fear) that my settled personality traits asymmetrically negatively affect women. It’s hard enough being a polarizing person, but, given that I’m male, heavily socialized as male, and spent a lot of time being even more heavily socialized in an even more malesquy discipline (academic philosophy in the US), and then even more in yet another strongly male-oreous discipline/culture (computer science), and given the various ways I’ve more or less had flourishing in all these, the odds are that I’m a source of extra-off-puttingness for woman in these areas. Best case.

I do believe I’ve done material good for various specific women in academia and it’s certainly a strong goal (i.e., to do material good on an individual and an institutional level, and to avoid doing harm). But perhaps the more just world I long for doesn’t have a lot of room for someone like me in it. Or even someone like a person I could reasonably hope to become.

So, please take that prior post is as much a reminder to myself as a criticism of someone else.