Fear of things that may include flying

October 22, 2006

I’m not actually afraid of flying. Per se.

I am afraid of booking flights. I’m never happy to do it. It always feels wrong.

I, of course, procrastinate wildly, which makes things worse (and more expensive).

Of course, this is not flight specific. Booking anything is rough, and buying many things is equally difficult, even when it’s not my own money.

I don’t think it’s especially when it’s not my own money.

This makes a surprising number of things difficult.


2 Responses to “Fear of things that may include flying”

  1. sockrebel Says:

    ditto. I feel your pain. I get anxiety from everything leading up to it. Finding the right flight, buying the ticket, packing, making it through security. Flying is easy. Once I’ve made onto the plane, it’s naptime.

  2. Bijan Parsia Says:

    I’m a bit luckier. Once I’m on the way, esp, at the airport, I’m pretty much ok.

    Packing uber sucks though.

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