The Title

The title popped out of my head as a random phrase. Googling for it revealed one hit…a 1936 (I think) article “On the Psychological Origins of Divine Kingship”. Just dreadful, really. Lots of rubbish about civilized blah blah meeting the primitive and Gilgamesh, etc. etc. But the excerpted phrase is lovely, so I snagged it.

I fear that the unmitigated Britishism in the above stem more from just having watched Bridget Jones’s Diary and less from having lived in Manchester for about half a year.

(That’s a bit off, I think. “rubbish” is most likely from Ian (a Brit) or Uli (a German). “Lovely” could have been loads of people (“loads” is common, too). I suspect “rubbish” was the seed and once started, it was easy to go on.)